Sunday, 7 March 2021

Chocolate Mayo Cake.

My thanks goes to follower Jenny, from Saltash, who sent me this recipe. I do enjoy making and passing on recipes from anyone who has a particular family favourite bake they would like to share. I take no credit for this super cake. Jenny told me this recipe was given to her by a friend around 35 years ago. I love sharing great recipes! I can honestly report that this is the simplest and most delicious, moist chocolate cake I have ever made. Go for it!!!

Jenny tells me the cake is best enjoyed wrapped in foil and left for a day and can be eaten as is, or served as a dessert with custard or cream. I took the photo the day after baking.

I used a 9 inch spring form cake tin, lined and pre heat your fan oven to 160C [gas 4]

10 oz self raising flour

8 oz caster sugar

1 level teaspoonful baking powder

7 oz mayonnaise [NOT light]

4 tablespoonfuls good quality cocoa powder

250 mls boiling water

In a jug, place the cocoa and water and mix well. Put aside to cool.

Place all the other ingredients in a large mixing bowl and mix well [or as best as you can].

Add the cooled cocoa and combined until smooth. Tip into your prepared tin and bake for 1¼  hrs. Turn down after 45 mins.

Keep it plain or cut in half and fill with some hazelnut spread or speed with chocolate butter icing and sprinkle over some grated chocolate for yet another chocolate hit. Delicious!!

Note: Jenny tells me Hellman’s is best!! I only had Heinz and it was definitely good!

Thank you so much Jenny.


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  1. it is very delicious. But what temperature do you turn it down to after 45 minutes?
    love from Constantine